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November 18, 2024

Mehndi copy_updated background.png

Mehendi Mingle at
the Mela

Late Afternoon

A vibrant and joyous daytime event, filled with color, laughter, and the aromatic scent of mardhani (henna). Mehndi is a timeless pre-wedding Indian tradition.  Under the warm embrace of the sun, you will be transported into a festive haven. Get wedding ready by applying henna and mingling with friends and family from near and far.


Style Guide: Bohemian Chic

  • Bright Colors

  • Kaftans/ Jumpsuits

  • Patterned/Floral Sundresses, kurtas, kurtis

welcome dinner_background.png

Padharo Sa: Rajasthani Royal Welcome Dinner


Step into the majestic world of Rajasthan as we officially kick off our wedding celebrations. Immerse yourself in the rich Rajasthani heritage through traditional and captivating dance & music and savor in the exquisite flavors of Rajasthani cuisine.

Style Guide: Heritage India

  • Bhandhini/Mirror Work

    • Ghagaras

    • Saris

    • Dresses

    • Kurtas/Kurtis

November 19, 2024


Vratham: A Ceremony of Commitment

Early Morning

The wedding ceremonies begin with the Vratham performed by both the bride and groom’s families. During this ceremony the families invoke the blessings of our ancestors and the Lord for protection, good fortune, and a bright future, as the bride and groom enter the next phase of their lives together.

Style Guide: Simplicity in Tradition

  • Saris

  • Salwars

  • Kurtas

Janavasam_bharat_updated background.png

The Royal Ride
Early Evening

Jaanavasam, also known as the Maapllai (Groom) Azhaippu (invite), is a lively parade where Ajay and his entourage are taken on a festive procession that culminates at the wedding venue with the bride’s family eagerly awaiting to greet them.

Style Guide: Glitz & Glam

  • Formal Indian and/or Western attire


(This outfit will take you through the rest of the night's events)

Engagement landscape.webp

Take Two


We are getting engaged (again!), just to seal the deal one last time before the BIG Day! The bride's family performs a Ganesh pooja to remove any potential obstacles that may come our way before the wedding day, and the groom’s side is “officially” welcomed to the wedding venue.


Sangeet: Lights, Camera, Dance - Bollywood Meets Hollywood 


An evening full of joy and celebration where music, dance, and laughter set the stage for an unforgettable night. As the beats of vibrant music fill the air, get ready to groove to your favorite tunes. The Sangeet is not just a night of entertainment, but a celebration of love and unity. It’s a time for heartfelt performances, spontaneous dances, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. In between all the dancing, enjoy cuisine from all across India. 

November 20, 2024


Muhurtham: Sacred Vows -A Commitment to a Lifetime

Early Morning

It’s finally the Wedding Day! Experience the sacred ceremonies that have been passed down through generations, reflecting deep-rooted customs and spiritual significance to our community. It's a celebration where each ritual and moment is steeped in tradition and spiritual significance. The beautiful exchange of garlands, the auspicious muhurtham, with the tying of the Thali, symbolize the union of two souls and the blessings of the divine. Full of love and tradition, where every ritual and custom brings us closer together.

The wedding ceremony will be followed by a traditional South Indian lunch.

Style Guide: Regal Rooted in Tradition

  • Saris
  • Anarkhalis

  • Lehenghas

  • Kurtas 

  • Sherwanis 

  • Dhothis 

reception_updated background_edited.jpg

Lasting Impressions


The grand finale - we are finally married! Celebrate our union with us which would not have been possible without you all by our side. Let’s toast to each other and dance the night away!

Style Guide: Black Tie Preferred

  • Indian Formal 

  • Western Formal

November 21, 2024


Kattu Sadha Koodai: Farewell Brunch

Late Morning

As we wrap up the celebrations and start our life as a married couple, come indulge your taste buds one more time!

Style Guide: Casual

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